Video of Bodhi and Sophia

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Hello World!

Soon after giving birth to our daughter, Sophia, we found out she had Down Syndrome.  We left the hospital empty handed at a time when we were yearning for information.  After coming home from the hospital, I went to my good friend Google to figure out the burning question … what do we do next?  I’m pretty good with the search engine, yet found myself hitting my head against the cyber wall.  I simply didn’t know to key in the words “early intervention.”  After a couple months of frustration, we lucked into a potluck where we met a NICU nurse who finally handed us a phone number.

As you can see on the “Our Story” page, all of this culminated into a letter written as a resource to other parents going through the same thing.  This blog is basically that letter chopped up into organized tabs.  It’s meant to be a resource guide for families searching for the “next step” in the state of Virginia.

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