Kluge Children’s Rehabilitation Center (KCRC) 
Our family Dr is amazing and I can’t say enough good things about him.  But in all his years of practice I think he said he’s only ever had three patients with DS.  We still use him for regular checkups and call him when Sophia gets sick.  But there is another level of support at KCRC.  They call it a DS “clinic.”  At first the term clinic confused me but after taking Sophia I realized that “clinic” simply means she will see more than one Dr in a single visit.  A lot of the potential medical issues a baby with DS needs checked such as heart, hearing, thyroid, etc. as well as advice on development is what you will get at the DS clinic.  Typical babies don’t need to have certain things checked every six months but it’s important for a baby with DS to have these areas routinely checked.  Why?  The reason that was explained to me was “preventable delays.”  If a baby that already has potential for delays now has, for example, a loss of hearing … this will cause even more delays … so it’s important to catch it as early as possible so you don’t have delay upon delay.  For this reason we take Sophia both to our family Dr and KCRC every six months.  Be warned it can take several months to get an appointment.  People travel from all over VA to come to this clinic. 
Kluge Children’s Rehabilitation Center (KCRC)
2270 Ivy Road (250 West), Charlottesville, VA 22903  434.924.5161 ph.