Serving Children and Adults in Central Virginia with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities




VCU Center for Family Involvement: The Center for Family Involvement (CFI) supports parents as decision makers, mentors, and leaders




Tim created a Facebook account:  Family to Family Network of Virginia: the Piedmont




The Parent Resource Center (PRC) serves parents of children in special education in the public schools and operates on the philosophy that parents are a valuable resource in planning the education of their special child.




I spoke earlier of a mass email I sent to all of our friends and family telling them that Sophia had DS.  Besides a wealth of information, I LOVE that this website has come up with a sample email.

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After giving birth to Sophia about five people emailed me this blog.  It’s wildly successful and a must read!!

KCRC (Kluge)

Infant & Toddler Connection of Virginia (early intervention).

Providers Section

Amazing photographer, blogger and DS advocate, Kendall Colquitt.

Rick Plus Kendall