Support Groups

Support groups in my opinion are priceless.  The one we go to is just a potluck the second Friday of every month at someone’s house.  We live in Crozet and most families either live in our town or surrounding towns.  The kids are all different ages and the parents have a wealth of information and supportive advice.  I remember one women asking for ideas on getting her baby to sit in the high chair (such a simple task is more challenging for a baby with low muscle tone).  Each parent in the room, having dealt with the same issue at one point, offered her golden nuggets of advice.

If you’re interested in joining our support group you can email me and I will get you on the list:

In Charlottesville, as of 2014, a new support group is being formed called DS Association of Charlottesville.
Please fill out this quick and simple form, if interested in joining:

In Richmond there is a great support group:  Down Syndrome Association of Greater Richmond